Cubigo is a real Platform

Cubigo is not just an app, we are a true SaaS integration platform with user-friendly native interfaces and strong data analytics capabilities.

We integrate software, hardware and intelligence in order to improve life and work in Senior Living communities. We are here to break the data silos and to create a consistent user experience across the board.

What you get:

  • A smart cloud-based platform that is highly configurable based on the needs of your communities
  • Strong APIs to integrate other Senior Living software providers
  • The best in class user interfaces (native apps) to enable the move to digital workflows by your different stakeholders

Platform Features

Orchestration engine

Dynamic user and role management. Create unlimited roles and manage access to your services in real-time.

Configurable workflows

No need to change your existing workflows, the Cubigo platform is fully customizable to your request flow.

Cross-service intelligence

Driving efficiencies using business rules - share information and trigger tasks automatically between different services.

Reporting and analytics

Interactive dashboards providing with actionable insights. These reports provide a feedback loop to continuously improve your services.

Information and data

Have one single source of information for staff, residents and family, with smart distribution across all your channels.

Smart API integration

Two-way information sharing across multiple API's. Residents create requests in Cubigo and these flow seamlessly to your favorite POS, maintenance software and EMR.

Contact us

Request a demo - or if you still have questions and / or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us:

San Francisco
  • Cubigo, Inc.
    548 Market St.
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    CA 94104-5401
    United States
  • Phone: +1 (919) 437 2078
  • Cubigo NV
    Corda Campus Hal B
    Kempische Steenweg 303 bus 103
    3500 Hasselt, Belgium
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  • Phone: +32 11 36 96 10

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