Our integrated platform has a lot to offer. The Cubigo modules are all interconnected and leveraging the platform power (user management, rights & roles, data dashboards, etc.).

A quick overview below.

In a nutshell


Cubigo Core, Engagement Suite & Services

Support your Resident Engagement teams to facilitate activities and events and communicate with residents and families. Provide efficient and digitized workflows for managing requests like maintenance, housekeeping, IT support, and transportation.

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Digital Signage, In-Suite Channel & Resident Kiosk

A professional digital signage platform to easily manage content across all your screens (including the in-suite TV channel). The Resident Kiosk helps your residents to stay engaged and connected to the community.


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Visitor Management

Appointment scheduling that is seamlessly integrated with a sign-in kiosk. This module automates your sign-in/out process allowing you to improve the visitor experience whilst meeting compliance regulations.

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Hospitality Suite

Manage not only your restaurant operations with an intuitive POS (Point of Sale) system, the Concierge, Wellness, and Table Reservations Cubes enable residents to order delivery/takeout and make reservations and requests from the app, including multiple payment options and access to transaction history.

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Cubigo Insights

A built-in and very powerful data module that provides you with insights in all data that is flowing through the platform, related to your users, services, community, etc. Dashboards are fully configurable to match your organization’s needs.

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Prospect Management

A unique tool to manage prospects and older adults living at home, offering them information and services early on in the aging process. Provide a smooth and digital customer journey across all stages of living and care, leader to more engagement, higher satisfaction, and elevated conversion.

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