From Point Solutions to an Integrated Platform: Balfour Leads the Way

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From Point Solutions to an Integrated Platform: Balfour Leads the Way

By Cubigo | 10 June 2024 | News

As senior living communities look to the future, there is an increasing need to invest in platforms that not only address current operational challenges but also align with their long-term innovation goals. Modern platforms must be equipped to handle the interaction with residents, integration with EHR and Billing systems, artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies. These capabilities are essential for creating personalized experiences, enhancing operational efficiency, and providing actionable insights that drive continuous improvement in resident care and engagement.

When Balfour Senior Living, now an affiliate of Kisco Senior Living, decided to implement Cubigo across their communities, they embarked on a journey of digital transformation. Recognizing the need for a more future-proof platform, Balfour switched from their existing point solution for engagement, which they had used for the last five years, to Cubigo. This move reflects a broader trend in the senior living industry toward more integrated and comprehensive solutions.

The shift from point solutions to an integrated platform is driven by the need for greater interoperability and holistic management of senior living operations. Point solutions, while effective for specific tasks, often create silos of information that can hinder overall efficiency and limit the ability to deliver comprehensive care. In contrast, integrated platforms unify various functions—such as resident engagement, dining and concierge offers, and service management—into a single, cohesive system. This unification allows for a seamless user experience and more coordinated decision-making, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for residents.

The benefits of platforms like Cubigo extend beyond immediate operational improvements. They provide a scalable foundation that can adapt to future technology needs like prospect management or providing services to the members outside the walls.  With such systems in place, operators  can anticipate resident needs, optimize resource allocation, and increase their revenues, further enhancing the resident experience.

By integrating Cubigo's comprehensive platform, Balfour Senior Living has positioned itself at the forefront of innovation in senior living, ensuring that their residents receive the highest quality of care and engagement. This collaboration highlights the potential of technology to create more connected, efficient, and vibrant senior living communities.