Cubigo Resident 360 View - Enhancing Resident Experiences with Data Analytics Through the 'Microscope' Approach

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Cubigo Resident 360 View - Enhancing Resident Experiences with Data Analytics Through the 'Microscope' Approach

By Cubigo | 23 February 2024 | Product News

In the evolving landscape of senior living, personalized resident experiences stand at the forefront of expectations with the new consumer. At the core of creating these enriched experiences lies the ability to deeply understand and cater to individual resident needs. 

At the heart of Cubigo's data strategy lies a unique dual approach: the 'Telescope' and the 'Microscope.' While the 'Telescope' provides a broad, corporate-level overview of aggregated data and KPIs, the 'Microscope' dives deep into the nuances of daily operations and resident-centered actions. This level of metrics is designed to offer insights at a departmental and individual resident level, enabling a 360 view of resident engagement, satisfaction, and overall well-being or ‘Happy Aging’.

What Makes the 'Microscope' Approach Distinctive: Personalized Insights

Cubigo's 'Microscope' approach stands out by offering an unparalleled depth of data analytics, focusing on the details that matter most to community staff around operations and residents. Through its integration with various modules, including Engagement, Hospitality, Visitors, and Services, the 'Microscope' facilitates a comprehensive understanding of each resident's preferences, needs, patterns, transactions, satisfaction, etc.

This depth of insight supports a proactive approach to resident care, allowing staff to tailor services, activities, and interventions to each individual's unique requirements. Whether adjusting meal plans based on dietary preferences or customizing activity schedules to enhance engagement, the 'Microscope' ensures every decision is informed and resident-centered.

Key Features of the Cubigo 'Microscope' Approach:

  • Detailed Department & Services Insights: Equips department heads with granular data on service delivery, resident feedback, and operational efficiency, driving continuous improvement.

  • Resident 360 View: Offers a holistic snapshot of each resident's interactions, preferences, and needs, enabling staff to provide personalized care and support.

  • Happy Aging Indicator: Utilizes data to track and promote aspects of well-being, such as social interaction, physical activity, and mental engagement, with predictive capabilities and personal remediation plans.

Transforming Senior Living with Data-Driven Personalization

By focusing on the individual experiences of residents, Cubigo's 'Microscope' approach not only enhances the quality of life but also fosters a sense of belonging and community. This personalized approach is not just about addressing needs but about anticipating them, ensuring that every resident feels seen, understood, and valued.

In a sector where the standard of care is continually rising, the 'Microscope' offers senior living communities a competitive edge. It represents a shift from one-size-fits-all solutions to a nuanced, resident-focused strategy that champions individuality and personal growth.

Join the Data-Driven Revolution in Senior Living

Cubigo's 'Microscope' is more than a tool; it's a pathway to deeper connections, enriched experiences, and overall happier and healthier lives for seniors. Embrace the power of detailed, data-driven insights to elevate your community's resident experience.

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