The Power of White Labeling: Customized Platforms that Build Trust and Strengthen Brand Identity

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The Power of White Labeling: Customized Platforms that Build Trust and Strengthen Brand Identity

By Cubigo | 23 May 2023 | Product

A strong brand identity helps senior living communities to differentiate themselves from competitors, build trust with residents and their families, and effectively communicate their values and mission. At Cubigo, we empower our clients to align the look and feel of their applications with their vision and brand.

Our white-labeling option allows communities to provide their staff, residents, and families with a platform that reflects their unique branding, complete with a custom URL and branded apps available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This way, senior living communities can offer a personalized experience to their stakeholders, with their brand name and logo at the forefront, rather than Cubigo's branding.

White labeling is essential for several reasons:

Increased engagement: White-labeled platforms allow senior living communities to create a more personalized experience for their residents. By incorporating their branding, the platform feels more like a part of the community and can encourage residents, staff, and families to use it more frequently. This increased engagement can lead to better resident satisfaction and ultimately improve residents' overall quality of life.

Branding: By using the white-labeled platform, communities can customize the platform with their branding elements, such as logos and colors, reinforcing their brand identity. This helps maintain branding consistency across all of their products and services, reinforce their brand identity, and build customer loyalty.

Competitive advantage: White labeling a platform can provide a competitive advantage by allowing the community to offer a unique and differentiated product or service to residents, prospects, staff, and families tailored to their specific needs.

Trust: Senior living communities are responsible for the well-being of their residents, and trust is essential. By white-labeling, the community can ensure that residents and prospects feel secure using the app and trust that their personal information is protected.

Are you interested in rebranding your future community platform and having your own apps in the app stores or would you like to learn more about available options? Reach out to us at to discuss!