At Cubigo, We Believe Data Means Insights. And Insights Mean More Informed Decisions. But How To Get There?

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At Cubigo, We Believe Data Means Insights. And Insights Mean More Informed Decisions. But How To Get There?

By Cubigo | 23 August 2023 | Product News

By processing and analyzing data on residents' preferences, interests, activities, and daily routines, staff can tailor their well-being and engagement plans to meet the resident specific needs and improve overall satisfaction. As a result, data-driven resident-centric care has the potential to extend the length of stay in communities, preventively monitoring health issues, and identifying areas for improvement. 

Analyzing workflow data that is collected by integrated platforms like Cubigo, senior living operators can reveal areas where staff might be spending excessive time or facing challenges. By streamlining processes and eliminating inefficiencies, data can help staff become more productive and focus on essential tasks. Utilizing predictive analytics can help forecast staffing needs based on resident acuity, occupancy rates, and other factors. This proactive approach allows communities to anticipate potential shortages and take early action to avoid staffing crises.

At Cubigo, we understand the power of data for senior living operators, and we firmly believe that harnessing its potential can revolutionize the way we care for and support our elderly population. As the world progresses into an era of advanced technology and connectivity, data insights become an invaluable asset for delivering personalized and effective care solutions.

One of the most recent AI projects we started with our team of data specialists is centered around implementing a person-centric and data-driven scoring solution that leverages technology to monitor and improve the well-being and satisfaction of residents in senior living. By doing so, operators are enabled with smart model-driven insights and recommendations to predict the length of stay and promote their brand identity to build trust among stakeholders. 

We will continue to share more about our innovative projects and their positive impact on senior living. If you want to learn more about our solutions and future vision, reach out to us at