Enabling Hospitality Excellence For Senior Living Operators

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Enabling Hospitality Excellence For Senior Living Operators

By Cubigo | 30 May 2022 | Video News

The senior living software landscape is entering a new era - one where the most valuable element is integration. Operators have realized that fragmented applications are not only killing productivity and impacting residents' well-being, they are also causing revenue leaks and missing ancillary charges. Broken and loose integrations between engagement tools, point of sale solutions, and medical records are hindering much-needed progress.  

Cubigo has invested most of its resources over the past 24 months to create a new product suite that will be a catalyst for the new unified approach to technology the industry needs.  

Today we're proud to present the first fully integrated senior-specific Hospitality Suite. Combining hospitality excellence with community engagement on one platform provides a savvy operator with multiple benefits. One platform to access and book requests for residents, one platform to get a holistic view of community operations, and most important: one platform to provide elevated and personalized hospitality experiences rooted in real information specific to each resident, and rooted in their connections across the community.  

More will be announced soon. This is just the start of the journey.

It's time to bring senior living into the new era.

Geert Houben

Founder & CEO of Cubigo


You will find more information about Cubigo's brand new Hospitality Suite here.