COVID-19: Activity and engagement resources

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COVID-19: Activity and engagement resources

By Cubigo | 6 January 2022 | News

 We would like to provide staff, residents, and families with some useful and amusing content and resources to make sure we don’t forget the wellness of the residents in times of isolation. 

An overview, based on the 6 dimensions of wellness, to embed in your community platform to make sure residents can benefit from these creative suggestions.

Educational & Intellectual

Physical Suggestions

  • Stretching
    • If your back or shoulders are quite stiff, stretching exercises could help you to be more flexible. 
  • Fitness
    • Spiro100 provides web and app video streaming fitness and wellness classes for seniors, featuring over 100 full-length exercise and meditation sessions. During Covid-19 it is free for 30-days and no credit card needed! 
    • In this 15-minute you can do some more advanced workouts for fitter seniors.
  • Yoga
    • Yoga for seniors: this website gives you a bunch of yoga exercises seated or standing. 
  • Seated exercises

Emotional Suggestions

  • Music
    • Watch and listen to the German Berliner Philharmoniker in the digital concert hall. With the voucher code BERLINPHIL you receive access to all concerts and films.
  • Story telling and sharing
    • Make up a story, do a mini project or ask beautiful questions to your family and invite them to create with you. With TimeSlips you can connect with anyone from across the world and tell your story.
  • Movies and theatre
    • Broadway Backwards is a show where gender doesn’t matter but love does. Every year, Broadway’s biggest stars and beloved legends share LGBTQ twists on classic and modern favorites at Broadway Backwards.
    • There is also an archive of old movies, shorts and silent films available for viewing and downloading.
  • Literature 
    • An archive of old books provides you with online content to read. Some books can be freely read and downloaded. Others can be borrowed and read in our online book reader.
    • Are you a fan of poetry? Listen then to these 30 great poems you should know.
  • Nature

Spiritual Suggestions

  • Religious services
    • Watch online the daily mass from Bishop Barron’s chapel.
    • Read and listen to the daily devotionals by InTouch Ministries.
    • Attend the live-stream Shabbat services from Central Synagogue. Shabbat at Central Synagogue is a unique and meaningful experience. More than five hundred people fill the Sanctuary on Friday evenings as the congregation and our welcome visitors join in worship and song.
  • Meditation and relaxation
    • Listen to spiritual and peaceful music to relieve your stress and do some relaxation.
    • Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we’re doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s going on around us. Try it out in this 20-minute video.
    • Meditation sessions can help you to ease your mind and body into relaxing, creating calm, comfort and peace within. This playlist gives you short guided meditation videos.
    • This playlist of videos brings you to serene nature and landscapes to unwind yourself.
    • Built by a team of leading scientists and mobile developers and backed by clinical research, playing Personal Zen retrains your brain to lower stress and anxiety.

Social Suggestions

  • Video Calls and activities
    • through Skype or Facetime (only Apple users) or Zoom and communicate with other residents or family members. You can easily call with more than 1 person at the same time. These are our social activity proposals via video call:
      • Set-up a quiz to compete with each other
      • Organise a online bingo game 
      • Create a virtual book club and discuss your favorite readings
      • Surprise a resident with a virtual birthday party
      • Put your tablet or phone on the table and have lunch with each other
  • Building connections
    • Bake cookies for your friends and share recipes with each other. 
    • Goodnight Zoom is an awesome project connecting kids with seniors who want to read them bedtime stories. Register as a reader now!
  • Games and fun
    • Play online scrabble against each other with the Scrabble GO app. Look this up in your Apple or Play Store and challenge your friend. 
    • Invite residents out into the hall for a fun game of bingo! Bring materials to them and sit chairs in the hallway while you call the game.

Community engagement suggestions

  • Be Proud
    • Display resident artwork in the hallways, and share it on your resident engagement portal
    • Clap for your carers. Encourage residents to go ont eh balcony and applaud the care team
  • Engage
    • Start a committee with motivated residents to set-up different remote activities and create engagement at your community. 
    • Gardening can be very satisfying and bring individuals together during these times of isolation. With this channel you can learn how to grow your own organic greens or with this channel you will learn some tips and tricks for your more general cottage garden.