How Cubigo solves 10 real problems with resident requests

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How Cubigo solves 10 real problems with resident requests

By Nadia Yakubouskaya | 9 February 2022 | Product News


You can choose the departments, and Cubigo will give you an immediate competitive advantage over your peers. The next generation of senior living software gives your residents a fast and easy way to communicate their needs, at any time of day.  Whether they have a request for Dining, Maintenance, Housekeeping, Activities, Transportation, IT Support or in Wellness areas like your Salon or Spa, Cubigo encourages residents to ask for what they need.  You get clear requests, and residents get immediate feedback and excellent follow-up and follow-through, all while supporting the work processes of your teams.  

Read the side by side comparison of the traditional senior living work processes versus CubIgo’s approach below: 

At Cubigo, we are continuously improving our solutions to facilitate your community’s goals. Reach out to for a free strategic consultation with a Cubigo professional to help prepare your communities for the future of senior living.


About Cubigo

Cubigo is a fully customizable, integrated community platform that connects community staff, residents, and family members to digitize the common functions within senior living communities.  Our platform will help you greatly improve your services to provide a superior resident experience.