Cubigo’s Best of 2022

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Cubigo’s Best of 2022

By Cubigo | 19 December 2022 | News Product

It's that time of year again - when we reflect on the blessings that have been bestowed upon us. Our clients, partners, and employees and the support they have provided are unquestionably at the top of our gratitude list.

We did our best to make the day-to-day operations of senior living communities easier and better by improving the Cubigo platform for all its users.

Some highlights of the year

This year, we worked hard on developing the new Cubigo modules as a part of the full Hospitality package to enable hospitality excellence for senior living operators. We started the year with brand new Cubes like Concierge and Wellness, we extended the Dining POS and Table Reservation capabilities and continued improving the metrics and insights for the local and corporate teams.

Hospitality Summit 

In the spring of 2022, we brought together creative thought leaders who are tackling the challenges of improving the resident's experience. We broadcasted 6 quick 25-minute sessions with industry innovators and collected great ideas you can use to charge up your hospitality strategy in 2023.

Payments and billing

We understand the importance of managing billable requests through one platform and providing residents with different payment options upon their request. This year, we invested a lot of time in building new integrations with credit card systems (like Square), direct debit (GoCardless), and with your billing and accounting systems (like MRI, Business Central, Yardi, PCC, Alis, ...).

While making all these processes automated, residents can access the overview of all their past transactions at any time and team members can initiate refunds (corrections) when it's needed.

Declining balance

One of the most requested functionalities from our clients was the Declining Balance functionality. Keeping our clients' feedback in mind, we've built the new Cubigo Wallet feature (credits system). By using this functionality, team members can assign residents different packages to residents (or couples) and residents, in their turn, can use their wallets to pay at the restaurant or for other services. Communities can also use the Cubigo Wallet as an incentive system for residents.

From improved analytics to enhanced metrics, better user experience, and more powerful reporting, Cubigo is all set to make your day-to-day operations easier and better than ever. As our team keeps working on product updates and new features, we have some very exciting things lined up for the upcoming years such as the smart use of data and looking beyond the walls of senior housing, serving people who live at home.

We are excited to share our future plans! Reach out to to schedule a demo.