Cubigo’s blueprint for project success: Executing Juniper’s vision

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Cubigo’s blueprint for project success: Executing Juniper’s vision

By Cubigo | 22 August 2022

Cubigo’s services team has supported the deployment of the Cubigo platform across more than 600 senior living communities in the past 5 years. The implementation frameworks have been continuously evolving and improved over the years. The successful deployment of Cubigo at the Juniper pilot communities has been supported by best-in-class project management leadership. 

Below is a non-exhaustive list of some of the project management best practices applied:

🏎 A clearly defined project team Every successful roll-out is driven by a core project team. The project team consists of the Cubigo project manager and the account executive. Besides the Cubigo representatives, a client representative from IT, Operations, and Services are present during the weekly project meetings. Lastly, a project manager from the client's side has a leading role in the execution of the project. This project team gathers on a weekly basis with a clearly defined agenda and assigned responsibilities, the weekly project meeting is the drumbeat of the organization.

🔔 Beware the bells & whistles

The 80/20 rule is at play during large technology roll-outs... For many new technology roll-outs, 80% of the value is in 20% of the core capabilities. Think about the many tools and failed pilots in senior living because of unnecessary and unused functionalities that clutter communications, training, and the overall project scope. Cubigo is a platform that focused on the 20% that creates most of the added value. In each step of the project, the Cubigo team will help the client to identify and capture pockets of value without getting lost in details

📈 Maximize productivity

The whole purpose of the software is to help people do more with less. Teams are becoming more and more aware of the cost of tool-switching and context-switching. Before deploying Cubigo a technology audit is done. During this audit point solutions rendered obsolete by Cubigo are identified and mapped out. A clear migration plan will be defined, ensuring no data is lost in the process. 

💰 Show the ROI

Technology that clearly articulates the use cases it solves and the ROI of solving them is key for project success. The cost savings and new revenue streams created by the deployment of Cubigo are tracked throughout the deployment of the Cubigo platform.