Everything you need to know before reopening to visitors

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Everything you need to know before reopening to visitors

By Cubigo | 26 March 2021 | Product News

US communities are slowly reopening, following new guidelines for Assisted and Independent Living. States consider several requirements to allow visitors to see their loved ones. In order to prepare for a safe and efficient reopening, Cubigo provides a Visitor Management system to assist team members during these changes and make reunion moments easier and faster.

Create multiple locations and allocate them among visitors.

As communities start to open up to visitations, it’s important to choose locations that ensure that residents can safely get to these locations to meet their loved ones and that all social distancing rules and COVID-19 precautions are respected. With Cubigo’s Visitor Management system, communities can create different locations for residents with custom schedules and then assign the residents to different places to meet their families.

Schedule the meeting in 5 minutes

Due to new restrictions, visitors are limited in number, and visits must be scheduled in advance with the facility. Cubigo allows families to make an appointment and choose a time and date from the active schedule without calling staff or waiting for assistance. Staff can limit visits per hour via the platform, so communities can respect all safety measures and county regulations.

Make all required checks immediately.

States and counties, as well as communities, have specific criteria that need to be checked before visitors are allowed to enter the community, which include temperature and other symptoms and PPE. With Cubigo’s Visitor Management Kiosk, communities can follow this procedure in four steps.

Manage your schedule.

Reopening guidelines also ask communities to create and maintain schedules for visits as the main criteria to reopen for visitation. With Cubigo you can manage all scheduled appointments, existing schedules, and other useful information in one place, ensuring staff will not be overwhelmed with calls and paperwork.

Update status of your visitors.

Monitoring visits is one of the important steps in creating a safe environment for residents and their families. With visitor status, you can always check how many visitors were scheduled for the day/week/month, how many visitors signed in and out, how many were refused, and how many visitors did not show-up or canceled their request.

Cubigo’s Visitor Management system has proven not only to be a great way of organizing staggered family visits but also providing a tremendous opportunity to connect family members online with communities. Click here to find out more about Cubigo’s Visitor Management system.