Cubigo Replacing Calendly for Visitor Scheduling

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Cubigo Replacing Calendly for Visitor Scheduling

By Cubigo | 25 March 2021 | News

Are you still using Calendly to schedule a visit in your community? Cubigo’s Visitor Management system can be easily implemented in senior living communities for a safe and efficient reopening for family visits and adaptation to the ‘new normal’ - replacing Calendly in less than 1 week.

Key benefits of using Cubigo’s Visitor Management:

  • All family members’ information is exported from Calendly and uploaded on Cubigo with the connected accounts to their loved ones.
  • Families do not need to fill in their personal information every time they schedule a visit.
  • Families can cancel and reschedule a visit without calling the community so your team can focus on what’s important.
  • Communities keep all locations and schedules in one place and can manage exceptions and visit restrictions on a resident level.
  • Embedded metrics and reports give you a full overview of visit history to simplify contact tracing and increase awareness of residents who have not received visits.
  • Contactless sign in/out with temperature screening and badge printing in one place; an easy set-up and safe solution to admit visitors.

Cubigo’s implementation team assists you during the transition from Calendly and continues to support you after implementation. For more information contact