Cubigo partners with Odoo to enable smooth access to an online webshop for staff, residents, and families

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Cubigo partners with Odoo to enable smooth access to an online webshop for staff, residents, and families

By Cubigo | 7 June 2021 | News

We are proud to announce the integration of Cubigo with one of the fastest-growing ERP platforms in the market, Odoo!

In post-Covid times, there is an opportunity to rethink the engagement with prospects and future residents and see it increasingly as a blend between community services and at-home care. Offering products and services to people at home through the community webshop is a great way to add new business and to make future residents already a part of your community. 

It is very common in these early days of digital transformation in Senior Living, that organizations end up with a collection of siloed software solutions that are not integrated or connected. This gives an extra burden on the staff: double data input, different learning tracks, data in separated databases, etc. Through the Odoo partnership, Cubigo enables a full webshop integration into its platform.

With the integration between Cubigo and Odoo’s E-commerce module; staff, residents, and family members can easily order any care products you offer to your customers and prospects online - directly from Cubigo. With this integration, we combine the best of both worlds and link the user-friendly Cubigo central point of entry to the high-performance back office in Odoo. In one click, starting in Cubigo, your customers are brought to your online shop, without the need to create a new account in Odoo. 

Odoo E-commerce supports the complete logistic handling of orders in the webshop, order fulfillment, and financial handling. With this smart integration, we offer your clients a smooth customer journey, and direct access to your product offering.  This fluid customer experience is the basics to building a successful online business and generating new revenue streams from your existing customers.

The integration supports the ‘omni-channel’ approach in which senior living communities aspire to provide a set of seamlessly integrated channels that caters to customers’ preferences and actively steers them toward the most efficient resolution. This means that whatever selling point your customer prefers, staff has direct and full access to the updated profile at any time. Within Cubigo you’ll get an overview of all orders placed by your customers, their product preferences, the revenues per product category, your best performing community in terms of sales, and more. Within the Cubigo 360° profile overview, you’ll find all information related to the product orders, invoices, and preferences for your customers. 

The solution has been implemented at more than 20,000 clients of the Korian network in Belgium (Senior Living Group) and enables a smooth customer journey with each of the touchpoints in the Korian network to unlock new business models and accelerate their growth. 

About Odoo

Odoo is a suite of open source business apps that cover all your company needs: CRM, eCommerce, accounting, inventory, point of sale, project management, etc. It gives millions of companies easy access to the software they need to run and expand their business.