5 benefits of using an integrated platform for senior living providers

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5 benefits of using an integrated platform for senior living providers

By Cubigo | 20 January 2021 | News

The senior living industry is seeing the emergence of some best practices on how to leverage the power of software platforms that integrate existing systems of record (EMRs, CRMs, ERPs, etc.) with existing applications like the resident engagement app, intranet, and website. The platform approach represents the beginning of Senior Living 2.0, promoting growth through intelligent IT investments.

The Cubigo integrated platform — helping providers gather data to better serve their residents

Let’s look at five ways that best-in-class companies are reaping the benefits of integrated platforms. 

  1. Building proprietary data assets to improve processes and workflows

Many senior living corporations are realizing that they’re sitting on considerable amounts of data, but they don’t know how to put that data into action. Data leads to insights and insights to decisions that help create business excellence — so it’s critical that this data be managed and acted upon effectively and efficiently. Since every organization and its processes are unique, it’s important to start building the data sets sooner rather than later.

New technologies like data mining, data visualization, and artificial intelligence require a platform approach. At Cubigo, we help you through each step of the data strategy. The Cubigo platform helps to capture and store structured data, while smart API integrations allow you to expand your data lake across your existing applications. Since data is only useful if you know what to do with it, we also provide dashboards that allow you to interpret the insights and take action. 

  1. Generating company-wide efficiencies with intelligent and automated systems

Digitalization presents businesses with an opportunity to rethink workflows to leverage the benefits of automation. By providing staff and residents with engagement tools that are not only user friendly but also adapted to your company processes, you will significantly improve your operations.

The Cubigo platform has highly configurable workflows, and our DevOps team will help you to design and set up new workflows that fit your business, taking into account your current processes and identifying areas where automation will have the most impact. The Cubigo implementation team will help you train your staff to ensure a smooth onboarding.

  1. Delivering back-office optimisations and breaking the silos

A lot of specialized software packages have been implemented in senior living communities over the past decade. While there are tools to manage maintenance requests, billing engines, EMRs, digital signage solutions, and many more, the various solutions too often fail to communicate with each other. Building an intelligence layer across these multiple applications is key to becoming a smart organization.

The Cubigo platform has a state of the art API integration module, which not only allows you to connect or replace different applications with a single platform but also puts intelligence on top of these integrations.

  1. Building brand value using new digital channels

It’s important to be able to control your branding and messaging across different digital channels — and the best way to do this is to have a centralized approach through a platform that controls and distributes your content to those channels. If the channels are integrated into a central platform, it’s easy to ensure you have the same branding on your digital signs, website, and within your engagement applications.

The Cubigo platform also functions as a single information repository, allowing your organization to set up content libraries and control the distribution of content. The integrated digital signage module and the various apps automatically fetch the correct information to be shared.

  1. Finding new business opportunities through innovation

Having the right platform sets the foundation for new business opportunities, including scaling your operation to new markets (like seniors in the neighborhood) and outsourcing some of your operations to third parties, like using Lyft for transportation requests outside normal servicing hours. But doing this requires a robust platform that enables you to closely monitor user interactions and control access to the different modules.

Cubigo is continuously experimenting with new use cases, and the rights and roles management module allows your organization to set up new environments and integrations without jeopardizing privacy and control.


If your senior living organization wants to stay ahead of the curve, please get in touch with us at asmets@cubigo.com. We leverage the power of the Cubigo platform and our team’s extensive industry expertise to ensure your communities are leading the way.