Breaking down data silos by consolidating your data management systems

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Breaking down data silos by consolidating your data management systems

By Cubigo | 18 February 2021 | Product News

The industry as a whole is changing rapidly, and Cubigo is playing its role in facilitating senior living technology. Integrations are especially beneficial for senior living communities as they help them save costs and time by connecting systems to each other and integrating this data into their workflows. Integrations not only improve communication across your community but allow you to expand your data lake across your existing applications and make data-driven decisions. 


Power Bi

PowerBI is a cloud-based business analytics platform from Microsoft that provides interactive visualizations with self-service business intelligence capabilities. Cubigo integrates with the PowerBI business intelligence suite to connect, model, and explore Cubigo data. The data visualizations deliver insights in and across communities to enable fast and informed decisions on corporate, regional, and community levels. 



Cubigo has partnered with PointClickCare to eliminate the need for multiple log-ins and resources for community staff, residents, and families. When a new resident record is created, a new user account is automatically created in Cubigo with the integrated real-time patient demographic and contact information from PointClickCare in the Cubigo resident 360° view. 



The integration with Fullcount allows a single sign-on, one-click resident portal experience to order food, view past orders, and consult credit balance. For this integration, Cubigo synchronizes and matches the residents' accounts in FullCount and provides a two-way identity check by both applications to support a seamless experience for the resident without having to log in twice.

TELS Direct Supply and THEWORXHUB

TELS    TheWorxHub

Our integrations with TheWorxHub and Tels allow seamless synchronization of maintenance and housekeeping tickets created by the end-user in Cubigo and managed by your staff in TheWorxHub or Tels. New requests in Cubigo are immediately created in TheWorxHub or Tels using a stateless API connection by the Cubigo back end. Afterward our back-end application checks for status changes and updates the corresponding requests in Cubigo. 



The integration supports the easy transfer of charge files and journal files from Cubigo to Yardi. Charge files include orders that the resident made in Cubigo and that are billable. Journal files contain the orders that were already paid cash or by card by the resident. Combining charge and journal exports allows communities to see a more detailed revenue report in Yardi, while all Cubigo service-related charges can be included in the invoice at the end of the month along with the other charges already managed in Yardi.



Cubigo has built a dedicated Apple TV app that pulls content like activities, menus, news, birthdays, weather information, etc. from the Cubigo platform, displaying it automatically in a beautiful and branded interface on communities’ TVs. 



Cubigo's YouTube integration allows our clients to keep residents engaged, from the comfort of their own rooms, through the in-suite TV Channel. Together with Cubigo’s new Video Scheduling feature communities can generate in-suite channel activities using the millions of hours of videos available on YouTube, or by uploading their own community content. They can also live stream directly from Cubigo to all their users' devices and to their in-suite TV Channel through Cubigo's Apple TV Application. This ensures that all residents can be included in virtual activities that are organized: from ED speeches and Town Halls to fitness sessions and sing-alongs. 



Cubigo’s Zoom integration gives programming directors an option to host virtual activities directly through the Cubigo platform. This integration automatically creates a Zoom meeting and allows users to join the activity using the Zoom application: residents open Cubigo to virtually attend the activity from their computer or mobile device. Moreover, external people without a Cubigo account can join the activity by receiving the meeting link from staff.

The Cubigo team continues to work on third-party partnerships with tools and systems to help break down data silos. This will improve the resident experience and allow you to get a bit closer to your resident-centered well-being.