How to use Cubigo as a Staff Engagement Tool

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How to use Cubigo as a Staff Engagement Tool

By Cubigo | 7 December 2021 | News Product

Information overload has never been so overwhelming and continues to get worse.  This is true for senior living operators attempting to connect with staff by sending information via email, texts, phone calls, newsletters, etc.  Consequently, emails are forgotten, phone call notes are lost, and newsletters are no longer opened.

Many senior living communities are trying a new approach to communication.  By utilizing the Cubigo staff communication features of the full platform, all communications are kept in one place.  With the benefit of centralized communication, staff are kept up-to-date and engaged with important and exciting information about the community.  Instead of needing to monitor and respond to communications using different channels, this creates efficiencies since staff will be using one platform to create and share information. 

Here’s how it works: 

Personalize the Tools your Staff Needs

With the Cubigo platform, your employees engage with a fully branded environment that matches your corporate identity — from the logo and homepage, all the way to colors, icons, and pictures. 

Create Targeted News Items

When your employees expect personal, relevant communication — there’s no better way to give it to them. From corporate updates and important HR reminders to local news and information, Cubigo brings all your communications together seamlessly.  A personalized news feed ensures people always see the content that matters to them most. Recognition-centered news items such as ‘Employee of the Month’ can be shared via this news page to create a culture of appreciation within the community.  In just a few clicks, you can manage your news on the channels and screens of your choice: From the Cubigo app targeting your community to digital signs in staff break rooms that will help create more engagement with your team. 

Communicate via One-on-One and Group Chats

The goal of these communication tools should be to simplify things, not make them more complicated.  You and your team can use chats for real-time collaboration, giving praise to each other, or sharing quick comments about ongoing projects and events.

Create and Manage Personalized Notes and Tasks

It shouldn’t matter whether an employee is working as part of a small team or a large corporation, there are important tasks that each and every employee needs to knock out of the park.  With Cubigo, you can help your team organize and manage their daily schedule by creating notes and tasks to keep track of important documents or to-do’s.  For example, when there is a holiday party for residents, team members can communicate with each other and know who is decorating, bringing supplies, leading the event, and also attending.  If there is a new task or note for them, each person will receive a notification.

Arrange Staff-only Training and Activities Sessions

When we think about communication and engagement, we should think more broadly than just the ‘News’ or ‘Chats’ function.  The activities calendar is a service available within Cubigo where activities for team members only can be created and managed.  It could be a team event, training session, or something social such as a Friday drink or Anniversary party.  Activity calendars can be created easily for targeted groups such as team members. 

Integrate with your Main Systems

A platform approach is about creating efficiencies.  To make the platform more efficient, modules are integrated with external third-party systems which eliminates duplicate data entry.  For example, our integration with Active Directory enables the automatic creation of staff accounts in Cubigo.  Since all new team members automatically have a Cubigo profile created for them and can access the platform immediately, this integration accelerates staff onboarding.  By removing the need to create and deactivate accounts in both systems, profile management is streamlined.

Make Powerful Data-driven Decisions 

The future is about data and insights.  Metrics and 'Read Reports’ can be collected to track who has read the message, how many news items have been created, activity engagement rates, and so much more.  These insights are important to optimize communication tools in the community and to increase staff satisfaction. 

Cubigo is a fully integrated cloud-based platform, digitizing the non-clinical services in senior living.  Senior living communities that use Cubigo and other software systems together with the right employee engagement strategies, are selected as Best Workplaces in Aging Services by Great Place to Work.  If your senior living organization wants to stay ahead of the curve while keeping your staff motivated and engaged at work, please reach out to us at