Discover Cubigo's new Visitor Management functionalities

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Discover Cubigo's new Visitor Management functionalities

By Cubigo | 10 September 2020 | Video COVID-19 Product News

Cubigo's Visitor Management module is expanding with a new generation registration kiosk and an integrated thermal scanner, badge printer, and vendor management. The expansion will help Senior Living communities with a safe and efficient reopening and adapt to the ‘new normal’. 

New restrictions and safety measures that are applied allow a limited number of visitors, requiring a pre-registration and pre-screening checks. Cubigo gives families the opportunity to make an appointment and choose time and date from the active schedule without calling staff or having to wait for assistance. 

Staff can limit the number of visits per hour via the Cubigo platform and manage all scheduled appointments, existing schedules, and other useful information in one place. This avoids additional calls and paperwork whilst respecting safety measures and county regulations.

Upon arrival, visitors can sign in via a branded kiosk, check their temperature and have their photo taken for the printed badge. This will allow visitors to check-in without any assistance from staff. A notification will be sent to predefined staff roles in case of a failed sign-in (e.g. temperature outside threshold values), allowing them to take the appropriate actions.

Cubigo’s Visitor Management System has been implemented in more than 250 Senior Living Communities in the past several months and has proven not only to be a great way of organizing staggered family visits but also to provide a tremendous opportunity to connect family members online with communities. By developing smart integrations, Cubigo has provided an extra security layer in the long-term virus prevention and health control strategy for residents, families and staff.