3 best practices to manage move-Ins during our “New Normal”

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3 best practices to manage move-Ins during our “New Normal”

By Cubigo | 19 May 2020 | News

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a few months since prospective senior living residents were coming in for tours, sharing meals with current residents, and shaking hands to get the keys to their new home. Like the rest of the world, operators have had to adapt to this new landscape in order to maintain business continuity. Sales Counselors are utilizing technology to conduct virtual tours. Activity Directors are organizing hallway karaoke and patio happy hours. Room service has become the status quo. While senior living communities continue to innovate and look forward during these days of Covid-19, the question remains of how to best handle move-ins. Here are a few best practices that have been successfully adopted by operators nationwide. 

1)    “Welcome (and stay at) home!”

Your resident has finally crossed the finish line and is ready to move in! You’ve made sure that their new apartment looks perfect and prepared a welcome gift basket; but with a new happy face in the community comes the risk of possibly introducing germs to the community. Nowadays, it has become common for communities to require that all new residents self-quarantine for a period of 14 days upon move-in. Good thing they have a beautiful apartment and that bottle of Merlot you added to the gift basket! 

2)    “Go green!”

So much of the leasing process requiring the exchange of paperwork, which can also introduce additional risk—even remotely (maybe think twice before licking the back of that envelope!) On top of that, move-in packets, leases, and other legal documents can be 100s of pages long in total. By utilizing digital alternatives like digital signature software or providing a virtual resource for their community information, you can help keep both your residents and Mother Earth healthy and happy. 

3)    “Embrace technology!”

The moving process is never fun for anyone, and a quarantine on top of that can be stressful. By introducing technology to your new resident, you can provide them with a great opportunity to stay connected to both the community and the outside world. There is a plethora of digital resources you can share with your community to help create a sense of connection, from video conferencing apps to virtual museum tours! Staying in the house can be a lot more fun when you can hang out at the Louvre in the morning and the Smithsonian after dinner, and join the resident book club for an afternoon Zoom chat.

These are indeed strange times for the senior living industry, but there is one constant variable…change. By embracing change as an opportunity to grow, operators can look towards a successful future with happy, healthy, and engaged residents!