What makes Cubigo's Visitor Registration unique?

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What makes Cubigo's Visitor Registration unique?

By Cubigo | 3 June 2020 | COVID-19 News Product

The Cubigo platform is specifically designed for Senior Living communities. The new visitor registration module is no different: it has taken into account the unique needs and set-up of communities - to help them manage visits easily and safely.

Three essentials differences with other visitor registration tools:

  • Pre-registration: Families book a visit time slot remotely, based on parameters set by the community, so that the influx of visitors is managed with almost no administration by the staff. 
  • Touchless: If families / visitors have pre-registered remotely, there is no need to fill in details on arrival, so there is no contamination risk from these check-in screens. 
  • No custom hardware needed: Many other visitor registration systems require custom hardware, which is very expensive and quickly outdated. The Cubigo Visitor Registration Kiosk works on a standard iPad.

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