Cubigo is partnering with certified trainers to provide remote technology classes to seniors

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Cubigo is partnering with certified trainers to provide remote technology classes to seniors

By Cubigo | 30 July 2020 | Press News

The recent COVID19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of new technologies by seniors. They are exploring new ways to get in touch with their loved ones but are also engaging with tools that provide them digital access to community services like meal ordering, remote activities and much more.

For some seniors the learning curve can be steep and any assistance in this journey is more than welcome. Cubigo wants to help seniors accessing these new technologies and is providing in-room tech classes and support to seniors via Zoom on its platform.

What is more? We are happy to announce a new partnership with Senior Savvy: one-on-one remote technical support and workshops specifically designed for seniors with a patient, flexible, and encouraging approach. Residents can follow sessions via virtual activities in Cubigo on topics such as Zoom, YouTube, and Facebook. More in-depth workshops on iPhone basics and Smartphone Photography are also available with handouts for students. 

All these together create an environment for elderly people to be engaged in community life and enjoy technologies as a part of their daily routine. 

Reach out to if you want more information on how to create the training for residents in your community.  

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Cubigo is an integrated community platform that connects staff, residents and family members within senior living. We digitize the daily services in these communities including activities, communication, dining, maintenance and transportation. Cubigo increases staff efficiency, improves workflows, foster resident empowerment and enable family involvement. The Cubigo technology provides reporting & analytics, roles & rights management, wellness tracking and smart integrations with your software partners.