How Cubigo Mitigates Risk for Dining

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How Cubigo Mitigates Risk for Dining

By Cubigo | 6 July 2020 | Product News

With the availability of COVID-19 tests increasing, Senior Living operators are starting to have a better idea of the overall health of their communities. In addition to adhering to CMS, CDC, and state and local government guidelines for reopening, many communities have opted to take a more phased approach when it comes to returning to some sense of normalcy. Community restaurants and dining rooms are slowly but surely returning to offering sit-down meals; but ensuring the safety of residents via proper social distancing and capacity checks can be a bit tricky without a plan in place. Cubigo has created several tools to ensure that residents are safe, happy, and most importantly full of healthy and delicious food! 

Table Reservations

Over the past several months, most communities have been delivering meals to residents’ apartments. While the quality has remained top-notch, there is nothing that can beat the social aspect of sharing a meal at the table with friends! In order to open dining rooms responsibly, culinary teams need to do so with the utmost respect to diligent disinfection between seatings and, more importantly, social distancing. With Cubigo’s Table Reservation module, communities now have the capability to automatically meter how many guests can be in the dining room at a given time. Using smart business intelligence, they can set parameters based on length of service, hours of operation, and capacity restriction, all of which will help create a seamless and smooth reopening. In the unlikely event of a new outbreak, Cubigo’s proprietary POS module can provide contact tracing down to the seat of who was sitting where and when. This even expands beyond residents, as Cubigo’s integrated visitor and staff registration module can take into account diners that might not live onsite. 

Grab and Go

For those residents who are not quite comfortable enough for sit-down service, why not enjoy a Cobb Salad in the courtyard or a chicken parm on the rooftop garden? Cubigo’s Dining module allows residents to view menus from the comfort of their room and select a time they can pick up from the host stand. What’s better than getting your favorite comfort food and getting some steps in?

Room Service

Still uneasy about congregating with your neighbors? Feeling unwell? Did you find a new series to binge on Netflix? With Cubigo’s Dining cube, residents can still order anything from the full menu, yet have it delivered without having any contact if they so choose. Special requests, delivery times, and other meal modifiers can all be managed and communicated upon all in one single environment! If the community has a delivery fee, this can be managed on the backend as well, which can then be charged to the residents ledger during monthly reconciliation.  

Between remote and socially distanced activities, on-demand fitness, and contact tracing, there’s plenty more that Cubigo offers as we look to reopen, but in the words of the legendary James Beard, “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”