Breaking Down Data Silos - Senior Living | Cubigo-PCC Integration

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Breaking Down Data Silos - Senior Living | Cubigo-PCC Integration

By Hashim Latif | 13 November 2019 | News

In today's digitized world, data silos are all too common in organizations; and senior living communities are no stranger to them. To better understand their resident’s journeys, communities need to analyze and combine information from multiple sources.

The issue, however, is that many communities organize their data in a siloed form which results in the segregation of data. These information silos prevent you from extracting meaningful insights from all the data that is available in your company. And if you're not utilizing your data to the fullest, you are wasting resources--and definitely not providing a seamless customer experience.

"Thus, the key to enabling optimal resident experience is breaking down these data silos, which can be done through integrating applications."

In recent years, we've seen a large influx of specialized software solutions in senior living communities. However, these different applications fail to communicate with each other which results in loss of optimal data. For instance, when a new resident joins a community, numerous new records and user accounts need to be created. This manual labor takes up significant staff time that should be used for interacting with residents.

Cubigo addresses this problem by providing an API integration module in its platform that makes these connections possible. Cubigo is a senior living platform that connects staff, residents and family members within senior living. It digitizes the daily services in communities such as activities, dining, and maintenance which helps increase staff efficiency and improve workflows.

Cubigo is already integrated with external systems such as TheWorxHub and TELS, leading providers of operations software in senior living. All these integrations together help to break down data silos. They not only improve communication across your community but also allow you to make data-driven decisions.

Cubigo is proud to announce its integration with PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based EHR software in the senior care industry. This API connection removes your staff requirement for double entry of data. This enables them to rely on a single connected and trusted source.


Cubigo - PCC Integration

The Cubigo - PointClickCare Integration

When Cubigo configures a new PointClickCare connected community, it can import all the existing resident information from that community's account. After the initial import, any change in PCC is automatically updated in Cubigo.

This is just the beginning!

In future releases, we want to upgrade the resident and family experience by sharing useful information from PCC in Cubigo. For instance, integrate care appointments in the resident’s calendar or match allergy info when ordering a meal.

It costs money to build new software and sharing information is crucial if you want to succeed. Thus, integrations are especially beneficial for senior housing communities as they are swamped in legacy systems. It helps them save costs and time by connecting systems to each other. It also enables them to integrate this data into their workflows.

The industry as a whole is changing rapidly, and Cubigo is playing its role in facilitating senior living technology. 

This integration with PCC is just one of many we have in Cubigo’s roadmap. Cubigo aims to continue to develop partnerships with third-party tools and systems to help break down data silos. This will ultimately improve the resident experience and help you get one step closer to resident-centered wellness.

If you want to know more about Cubigo, find us at PCC's marketplace.