Product Update - May 2019

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Product Update - May 2019

By Valentijn Lievens | 24 May 2019 | Product

Cubigo’s most recent releases have focused on helping to transform wellness for staff in senior living.

Why focus on wellness?

Wellness is a hot topic in all industries, from hospitality to fitness. In Senior Living it is driving changes to community focus and operations. Wellness programs work across the multiple dimensions of a resident’s life, addressing physical, nutritional, intellectual and social needs.  

1. Introducing notes - a better way for staff to document assessments

Cubigo has developed a unique “notes” feature to help improve the quality of care provided by staff. Notes present a secure and structured way for staff to gather and share information about a resident. With this feature they are able to write observations following interactions with residents, flag incidents or at-risk residents, and assess fitness, food intake and engagement.

Notes are categorised based on community specific criteria (for example ‘incident’, ‘fitness’, ‘food intake’ and ‘engagement’) and can be filtered based on the flags, date and type of note. Each note contains the author, their role, the creation date, and if made with a request or activity - a reference to the request or activity.The notes section is stored in the resident profile and part of 360° view of a resident for staff.

2. Enriched Resident Profiles

Residents can now choose to provide detailed in-depth biographic information. This includes: Places lived, Marital status, Anniversary date, Name of spouse, Education, Past occupations, Languages spoken, Veteran and Religion. Staff can also detail any physical limitations or care needs that are relevant to a resident’s wellbeing, such as visual impairments, phobias, allergies and mobility aids. This new information completes the multiple interests, categorised using the 6 dimensions of wellness, that already form part of the resident profile.

With this knowledge of residents, staff are better able to provide activities that will stimulate residents and make sure that they feel at home in their community.  

3. PowerBi Embedded Dashboard

An optional addition to the activities backoffice is statistics. Here we have embedded a PowerBi report, which focuses on activity engagement and offer metrics. This allows staff to analyse their current activity offering based on the 6 dimensions of wellness, as well as compare it to residents’ interests - ensuring a balanced and enticing activity calendar.


There are plenty of exciting new features coming up throughout the year! Stay tuned, or schedule a demo to find out more!