Product Update - April 2019

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Product Update - April 2019

By Cubigo | 4 April 2019 | Product

An overview of our latest and most exciting product developments, and what they bring to your community

1. Facilitating Communication - messaging 2.0

  • Internal Chat

Our upgraded, secure internal messaging allows for both one-to-one conversations and curated group chats and resident boards, connecting staff and residents within the community. Through this service, they can communicate more efficiently, create shared interest groups, and strengthen resident engagement.

  • Enhanced News Feed

The News Feed had been enriched to allow for better spreading of community information. Share anything, from videos and photos to documents and links on the news feed and on your Digital Signage system. Publish articles immediately, or create them in advance and select a future publishing date. The extended category list helps residents to sort through information quickly.

  • "Mail has arrived message"

Mail delivery times are unpredictable and residents want to know that mail is in as soon as possible. Thanks to Cubigo, staff can indicate that mail has arrived in the community in one click, and all community users receive a home screen reminder (and push notification) that mentions that mail arrived. This message is also sent to Digital Signage and is automatically removed at midnight. 

2. Increasing community involvement

  • Birthdays

Celebrating special events brings joy and grows the sense of belonging for residents and staff. Cubigo helps to bring people together, as both staff and residents can share their birthday and age. If the birthday is shared, it is shown in a homescreen reminder for all resident and staff users, as part of the daily calendar. Birthdays can also be broadcast on the Digital Signage.

  • Staff and Resident Directories

Help residents meet new people, and find their friends in the community using the Staff and Resident Directories. The directories include personal biographies, large profile photos, and a search function enabling residents to search based on first and last name, apartment number and building.


  • Unlimited Calendars and Resident Groups

Calendar structure and content varies between communities. For some, activities are published by a department, for a specific user group in the community (for example, AL activity staff publish activities for AL residents, creating an AL activity calendar), while  in other communities, activities are shared across departments (for example an activity is created by the IL department, but both IL and AL residents can participate). Cubigo supports all these community structures. We have introduced a ‘focus’ indication when creating an activity, which allows staff to publish an activity to multiple roles while indicating a ‘focus group’. The focus indicates the department the activity is from, and its resident focus group.

  • Personalized Schedule

All residents have a personalized calendar, based on their service requests and activity sign-ups. This automatically generated calendar helps to remind residents of activities that they are interested in, encouraging them to participate and increase their social interactions.


There are plenty of exciting new features coming up throughout the year! Stay tuned, or schedule a demo to find out more!