Product Update - October 2018

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Product Update - October 2018

By Cubigo | 25 October 2018

The latest developments on Cubigo include the following features

New General Features

API Integration

Maintenance integration with TheWorxHub and TELSThis means that when the resident creates a request in Cubigo, this request is automatically created in TELS/TheWorxHub. Staff can continue working in TELS/TheWorxHub and request statuses are automatically kept in sync between Cubigo and TELS/TheWorxHub.

Digital Signage integration for dining, activities & news with 10FootWave, enabling us to display Cubigo content on digital signage such as TVs.


Customisable Homescreen

Match your community branding with your community photo, logo and color scheme. The homescreen displays reminders for your requests and bookings, a feed with the latest community news and access to the community services to create requests.


Publish news items with images and file attachments, and enable residents to post comments, which staff can moderate. The menu bar shows the number of unread news items and the thread indicates when you caught up reading.

Onboarding Wizard

When logging in for the first time, the user is guided through the application in an animated wizard to get a basic introduction of the available functionalities.


New Staff Features

Manage Activity Attendees

Staff get an overview of the residents that are signed up or interested in an activity and receive notifications when residents (un)subscribe. They can define a maximum number of attendees, activate and manage a waitlist for an activity.

Transportation Request Management

Staff get an overview of all requests and can sort them based on status or departure time. Request status can be changed with 1 click (to confirmed, cancelled…) and residents are automatically notified about the new status.
 Staff can create a request for a resident. Departure times can be variable or fixed, based on community preference.


New Resident Features

Activity Overview

Residents can view all scheduled community activities in a day, week or month overview and see when and where an activity takes place. Residents can sign up for an activity or indicate that they are ‘interested’, this means that they consider going and want to receive all updates on this activity. Residents can see an overview of all the personal scheduled activities and who else will be attending a specific activity.

Simplified Transportation Requests

Residents can book a transportation request by filling out a simple form, indicating where they would like to go, the time they want to arrive and if they need a ride back. They can indicate if they need extra help and are bringing a mobility device. Residents also receive confirmation of their requests.

Overview of requests

Residents get an overview of all their scheduled rides, activities and dining, as well as a reminder one hour before. All requests can be canceled with one click. Residents can ask additional questions and communicate with staff directly on each request.