In the Spotlight: Activities Director Testimonial

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In the Spotlight: Activities Director Testimonial

By Cubigo | 19 October 2018

Cubigo connects staff and residents within senior living communities. We digitize the common functions within senior living communities including dining, maintenance, transportation, communication and activities. We deliver a great product, but the community staff make it invaluable.

Jessica, Activities director at Brookdale, Redwood City sums up Cubigo in a few words:  “It’s awesome!” Her community has decided to roll out Cubigo gradually, adding new functions over time.

“We started with transportation, and it has helped in so many different ways. It gives easy access to residents who use the App and provides them with a confirmation mechanism for their requests, which they love. For the staff, it has made our life a lot easier and simplified our entire transportation workflow. We have moved from paper to online, and from multiple slips that had to be sorted to one simple platform. Cubigo allows us to input information directly, so it speeds up our work, and all the information is organised. We have all seen how much it improved our day-to-day - we couldn’t do transportation without it now.”

Her community has since added Activities, Dining and Maintenance to Cubigo and each new addition is integrated with ease. Changing workflows in organisations can be difficult, but Jessica says Cubigo "is very simple to use, so staff both old and new work with it with ease, giving us more time to spend interacting with our residents”.