Cubigo in action: a study at Brookdale Redwood City

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Cubigo in action: a study at Brookdale Redwood City

By Cubigo | 26 November 2018 | News

Welcome to Cubigo

Cubigo is a fully customizable community platform that connects staff, residents and family within senior living. We digitize the daily services in these communities including activities, communication, dining, maintenance and transportation. We increase staff efficiency, foster resident empowerment and enable family involvement. The Cubigo technology provides reporting & analytics, roles & rights management, and smart integrations with your software partners.


Cubigo and Brookdale in a nutshell

A Cubigo colleague lived in the Brookdale Redwood City community for a year to fully understand the resident and staff needs. Based on this research, a new version of the product was developed. Brookdale has implemented this version and the results have been remarkable. 

The Cubigo platform is completely customizable. It plugs into, then improves existing workflows and isadapted to the needs and structure of each community. At Brookdale, the most popular feature is the optimized transportation service, but the dining & maintenance requests as well as the integration with TELS and Digital Signage are proving invaluable to staff and residents alike, who can access all these services in one easy portal, from their computer, phone or tablet.


Brookdale’s challenges

Brookdale was largely paper-based before Cubigo. The Front Desk is the main contact point for all visitors and the central element of all resident communication, so can get busy quickly. Despite the staff’s best efforts, information could get lost, or was not passed on in a timely manner. Staff and residents were drowning in paperwork. The workload was not conducive to staff satisfaction and fulfillment, which led to high staff turnover and opportunities for mistakes.


Cubigo’s Solution

Cubigo improves the lives of residents and the work environment of staff as well as increases community engagement.

Brookdale Redwood City started working with the newest Cubigo version in 2018. The platform is branded with Brookdale’s logo, colors and images. Cubigo is being used on a daily basis by staff from the transportation, activities, dining and maintenance departments. Staff create, track and follow-up on all resident requests in one place. Residents enjoy having all the services in one place with a simple to use interface. Using Cubigo speeds up many processes, from printable menus and transportation timetables to sending residents reminders for activities.

Brookdale Redwood City rolled out Cubigo gradually, adding new functions over time. Staff started using Cubigo several weeks before the launch to residents. Cubigo"is very simple to use, so staff both old and new work with it with ease, giving us more time to spend interacting with our residents” says Jessica, Director of Lifestyles.“The Cubigo staff is responsive to feedback, and we see our suggestions come to life in the platform a few weeks later”.Cubigo Cafe sessions were organized to help introduce Cubigo to the residents, initially run by Cubigo staff, and now taken over by a Brookdale staff member.

Residents are able to book transportation requests, specifying any additional needs they may have. They can sign up to activities and excursions. In the dining cube, residents can look at the daily menu and order food. Reminders are sent to ensure they don’t miss their ride or favorite choir practice. They communicate directly with the staff members to follow-up on requests. Community news is published to all the residents and appears on screens in the lobby. Cubigo has become an integral part of the daily life of staff and residents.


The impact

After only a few months Cubigo has proven its value. Results have far exceeded expectations.

From a staff perspective, Jessica says that “Cubigo has helped in so many different ways. It gives easy access to residents who use the App and provides them with a confirmation mechanism for their requests, which they love. For the staff, it has made our life a lot easier and simplified our entire transportation workflow. We have moved from paper to online, and from multiple slips that had to be sorted to one simple platform. Cubigo allows us to input information directly, so it speeds up our work, and all the information is organized. We have all seen how much it improved our day-to-day - we couldn’t do transportation without it now.”  

With new features coming up, and incoming residents signing up, Cubigo adoption at Brookdale will only increase, both for staff and residents. In conclusion, Jessica simply calls Cubigo “awesome”.