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Working with the biggest

By Cubigo | 2 January 2017 | Video News

Cubigo is a cloud-based platform that empowers aging people to live independent and healthy as long as possible by supporting self-care and comfort. The platform connects seniors, caregivers, family and businesses in an easy-to-use, modular user interface. Cubigo allows each user to choose amongst a broad set of functions: making doctor’s appointments, setting up video calls with family, reading up on local news or events, tracking and sharing medical data, ordering meals at home, creating medication reminders, and so on. 

Almost one year ago, Bart Schaerlaekens, Vice-President Business Development moved to an apartment in Brookdale Senior Living, the largest owner and operator of senior living communities throughout the United States. Brookdale is operating over 1,100 senior living communities and retirement communities in the US. Bart lived there among the seniors and became a part of the family. During this time he developed a strong relationship with the seniors living in the residence, had conversations with the people and collected useful information. This "Entrepreneur in residence" program was the base for co-creation. He made it possible not to make a product for people but together with the people he made a product answering everyday live questions. Technology can make life easier and empower people to live longer independent.


Entrepreneur in residence (NL)

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